Codifying Solidity In The HR Policy Manual

Case Study

Codifying Solidity In The HR Policy Manual

Consistent and uniform policies can be a challenge for a growing and expanding business. When entering new countries, establishing new lines of business, and growing through acquisition, each can pose significant challenge. When all occur within a business simultaneously, the challenge is compounded. Learn how we worked with this expanding regional business to solve this complex issue.

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A diverse regional engineering services business wanted to revise the HR Policy Manual to reflect the new cross-border business structure that aggregated three divisions with operations across the Middle East region, strategic GCC markets, and the CIS countries. The complexities and local compliance requirements for the operations of each division were to be taken onboard and managed to bring unity and conformity in the spirit and application of the HR Policy manual. The client turned to us as Human Resources Consultants with experience in this region.

We partnered the HR & Business teams across locations and completed a review of all existing policy manuals, in the process gaining a deep understanding of the local laws and compliance requirements. The audit also allowed us to identify and recognise the best practices in place across units with the aim to export them to other markets and divisions. The team also obtained information of local practices in the countries in which the business operated to foster a culture of knowledge sharing and drive engagement.

The comprehensive and robust HR Policy Manual was well received and appreciated for the fact that it operated at three levels - Global Policies, Regional and/or Country Policies, and Local Policies. This structure helped in the process of unification and conformity and allowed the organisation to bring everyone under one umbrella to drive growth. The revised policies and procedures were published on the Intranet for control and updating purposes.

  • Regional Business; Family Owned Groups
  • Human Capital Solutions
  • Leon Mendonsa
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