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In the Middle East region, it must be acknowledged that the Government & Quasi-Government Organisations are as professional as their counterparts in the private sector. They strive for the same high standards of excellence and carry a similar, deeply ingrained desire to learn and do better each day. Even organisations that cater to the credo of social responsibility visibly demonstrate the strategic thinking, meticulously planned execution, data-based analytics approach to improvement, that many MNCs and large players benchmark themselves on. The intense focus on serving their customers, i.e. the residents of the country, directs their efforts towards the best in terms of people, process, and policies. While revenue generation and profits are not the motive, there is a great deal of interest in achieving customer happiness through an efficient and effective delivery of services. Towards this, Government & Quasi-Government Organisations have been at the leading edge of the adoption of the whole spectrum from artificial intelligence & machine learning and other technology to an open and transparent stakeholder communication architecture.

Daksada is best placed to partner Government & Quasi-Government Organisations to arm managers with the best of thinking and practices from the private sector. We have the experience and intelligence to look at problems or opportunities from multiple dimensions and arrive at bespoke solutions that deliver against the unique challenges faced in this region. We appreciate the socially conscious intent and the service attitude of such organisations and tailor responses accordingly.


Create a path to success basis strengths and combined abilities and available budgets


Set up policies and practices that allow a learning and growing environment that allow people and teams to raise the bar


Optimize teams basis the cumulative set of abilities required to deliver on strategic objectives

Setting higher standards in excellence