Growth & Transformation

Growth & Business Transformation

Growth & Transformation are interchangeable as cause and effect and are the eternal ambition of every business owner and leader. With the rapidly accelerating pace of change, businesses today must constantly evolve to survive and thrive, and stay ahead of competition. As Charles Darwin so eloquently put it, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”. Many organizations have ignored the value of periodically revaluating and rewiring their strategy, value proposition, policies, and practices. The impact of such thinking is not felt when business is booming but becomes apparent when the environmental conditions begin to exert pressure. A business with strong fundamentals and agility will grow in strength irrespective of the external and internal forces at play. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses constantly revaluate themselves and strengthen fundamentals by focusing on better processes, practices, and people to lead them into a better tomorrow.

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Daksada’s Approach to Business Transformation

At Daksada, our business transformation consulting framework for organizations is firmly rooted in our articulated belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our experts jointly have more than 150 man years of expertise in crafting and delivering business transformation services to help organizations grow and transform – whether small or large, start-ups or centenarians, local or international, and across the breadth of industries and sectors. We bring the collective wisdom of these years of experience to our clients, knowing that while we base our solutions on best in class practices, each organization is unique, and deserves a bespoke and tailored intervention. We follow a few simple mantras – stay focused on direction; avoid pitfalls and obstacles; ensure that the execution and strategy are nimble and agile.

Our Impact In Delivering A Transformed Business

It is when working with clients on growth and transformation interventions that the true combined power of Daksada is realized – a perfect coming together of the entire breadth of our capability spectrum to curate a wholistic and integrated solution for our clients. We use the client’s vision, mission and values as the launch pad to co-create a strategy, collectively challenge the status quo, reengineer processes, redesign the organization architecture, refresh the talent proposition, develop capability, and then partner with the client team to implement, measure and monitor success, while embedding and institutionalizing the change to ensure ongoing and sustainable growth. Our communication framework wraps around our efforts, to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page.

In many cases, the transformation process is achieved via the cumulative impact of a series of well-orchestrated steps is over 6-24 months, or more, depending on the scale of the organization and the depth of the issue or opportunity. In most cases, in our experience, the agreement of the strategy and the implementation of the process related changes is not the end of the road. It is very important to address the human side of the organization and bring the team on-board through updation in policies and people related practices and supplant the same with training and mentoring. There is also the need for constant communication and engagement across all levels of the organization’s hierarchy to build belief and confidence in the present and its impact on the future. 

Our Partnership Perspective To The Business
Transformation Process

We are happy to stake a part of the project compensation on the success of the outcome in the true spirit of a shared ownership of the strategy and the result. We believe that the Client or Customers success is truly ours given the spirit of partnership that is central to the way we work. We are perhaps among the very few who are open to indexing a part of our compensation to the success metrics that measure the impact of the business transformation process.