Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement in an always-on approach to doing better than yesterday. It needs an open-minded approach that is willing to strip every process to the basics and then see if they can be put together in a way that is more efficient and effective. The idea behind a Business Process Improvement could be to save cost, improve data management, increase speed and efficiency, reduce man hours, or turn-around time etc. In case of services delivered through a web or application interface, the business process involved in a transaction often is the difference between a returning customer and a one-timer. 

A business owner or manager needs to release herself or himself from the fact that thing have been working well, and the belief that operations cannot be improved. There might be many wasteful elements in the systems or process, even those that needlessly duplicate information collection, measurement, or checking. There might be better ways to procure, store, deliver, or engage in any other element of the business. It is imperative that a business owner be periodically open to the idea of taking a hard look at literally the nuts and bolts of the operations and see if there is any scope for strengthening them against future business pressures.

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Daksada’s Approach to Business Process Improvement

At Daksada, we are equipped with the ability to ask the right questions and use data and process flow diagrams to look for ways to augment the same and draw in effectiveness. The impact of such interventions could be far reaching and could deliver huge savings to the bottom-line and hence generate additional profits without incurring cost. We have team members who have hands-on experience in conceiving and implementing Lean Strategies, especially for manufacturing, retail, supply chain, construction, and service industries. 

Lean strategies and manufacturing or other processes are gaining criticality in an increasingly mechanised world. For many decades after the industrial revolution industries and businesses grew because of large availability of relatively cheap labour. Today the need for speed and the democratised access to information required a huge dependence on data, information, and the resultant insights that have a direct impact on better processes at a lower cost.

Our Impact In Delivering Business Process Improvement

Our interventions begin with understanding the customer and business through a value stream mapping process. We engage with client teams through a series of structured interventions through which we together challenge the status quo and co-create an improved process, building ownership of the solution. We focus on transferring the capability of managing business process improvement to client teams and institutionalize the process, so the team delivers continuous improvement going forward. Our engagement continues with documenting the reengineered processes and implementing them. We demonstrate results by putting in place scorecards that capture key process metrics that allow the business to track the before and after performance levels and ensure that the benefits are maintained on a sustained basis.

Perhaps the biggest differentiator we bring is the expertise in training team members at all levels in both developing skills and improving the softer sides of the human capital. This facet enables team members to internalise the changes in the new ways they work and become active proponents of the need to constantly look at better methods and processes. This is critical as people are often resistant to change and need to be mentored in order to accept and gain proficiency over time. Perhaps the criticality of training is best illustrated in service oriented companies that need to rewire processes to effect efficiencies and manage greater loads, especially during times like the pandemic where customers have found it convenient to migrate towards online and contactless means of buying.

Our Partnership Perspective To The Business
Transformation Process

We are happy to stake a part of the project compensation on the success of the outcome in the true spirit of a shared ownership of the strategy and the result. We believe that the Client or Customers success is truly ours given the spirit of partnership that is central to the way we work. We are perhaps among the very few who are open to indexing a part of our compensation to the success metrics that measure the impact of the business transformation process.