M K Moorthi

MK Moorthi

Associate Director - People Practice


Moorthi is a Human resource management professional pioneering in the field of high-performance work systems. He offers guidance for strategic and management development to various organizations in UAE and India. 

He has three decades plus experience in the field of manufacturing, supply chain, strategic business processes and Human Resources Management. He has worked in various capacities in different organizations and worked as a Director – HR & Admin for a group in Dubai having multiple business verticals – retail, B2B, construction, Real estate, and hospitality.


As Associate Director of the People Practice at Daksada, Moorthi can support and deliver complete employee life cycle processes including HR Strategy and HR Department Set-up; Organization Design to support business growth and transformation; Enabling a Culture of High Performance; Compensation & Benefits and Reward/Recognition processes that integrate with performance management systems; drafting HR Policies and Procedures; Career & Succession Planning processes; Talent Acquisition and Management; L&D strategy; Competency Frameworks; Human Capital Planning; Employee Engagement & Retention; and Coaching & Mentoring. 

Moorthi is a public administration Post-graduate and with Post-graduate diploma in Human resources management, and Diploma in Mechanical engineering. 

Moorthi also has a number of professional certifications including Strategic Human resource Management professional from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India; Myer Brig Type Indicator (MBTI) assessor from CPP, USA; NLP and Executive Coach from Mindbridge, USA.