Service Excellence

Growing Focus On Service Excellence

Service Excellence has gained due importance in the last 10-15 years given the upshift in the access to customers granted by the Internet and fast-growing technologies. The lines have blurred, and everyone needs to offer ‘service’ to attract new customers and more importantly retain the current franchise over their life cycle. For many organisations a service ethos is reflected in every facet of internal and external engagements – right from the first ‘hello’ to emails to face-to-face meetings and contracts. Placing the customer first is an attitude that can be learned, embedded in systems and processes, and improved over time with practice. 

Formal surveys have substantiated anecdotal data that ‘Service’ is one of the most cited reasons of dissatisfaction among customers. Conversely, it also stands out as the single biggest motivation when customers with longstanding relations are polled and the resultant data is analysed. Ergo, the upside of a well-entrenched focus on service across all layers in an organisation is of paramount importance with the hidden yields according business returns even when the environmental or market conditions would have made customers explore alternate service providers, especially as aa means to save on costs. If one were to look at evidence from Customer Relation Management (CRM) campaigns, the wisdom points to the fact that the cost of acquiring a new customer is 4x that of retaining an existing one. 

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Daksada’s Approach to Delivering Service Excellence

Daksada is one of the best practitioners to deliver true Service Excellence to organisations. We have extensive experience in being able to impact all three levers – people, policies, and processes. We offer a unique meld of consultation and training protocols that enable the rank and file to adopt a measurable service attitude. These include the impact on process in terms of the time taken and cost, to the human level interactions, and delve deeply into policies that codify and standardize expectations. 

Service is one of the areas where one experiences Gestalt as it is the one aspect of an organisations engagement with consumers that is truly greater than a mathematical cumulation of many small steps. More so as the steps are dependent on the interaction of two individuals and therefore cannot be easily codified into measurable outcomes that can be repeated again and again. We understand the human side of the equation as well as the science offered by systems, processes, and policies, thereby being able to arrive at pointed interventions that impact all aspects of the status quo. It is this strength that allows us to stand apart from the many other practitioners who offer standardised solutions as compared to our customised offering.

Impacting Service Excellence

In rebuilding the triumvirate of people, processes, and policies, our customers have felt the full power of the partnership model at Daksada. We have delivered impact and renewed organisational commitment to achieving and scaling to higher standards of Service Excellence through a cross pollination of ideas and executional strength between all our practices. Our strengths in the People Practice complement the Talent Management team and combine with the abilities of the Learning & Development practice to conceive and implement a solution that ensures the biggest impact with minimal rewiring. We have a proven track record in building a sustainable Service Excellence ethos in organisations as diverse as manufacturing, banking & financial services, engineering, retail, and oil 7 gas. 

Our Partnership Perspective To Service Excellence

The process of building a solution aimed at delivering Service Excellence is like weaving a tapestry. The warp and weft of the myriad interventions that combine to arrive at a personalised or curated response is what keeps us happy – It allows us to involve each of our practice leads and bring on the full force of their individual experiences. 

Extending the spirit of partnership to our customers, we are happy to take a part of the project compensation on achieving stated metrics. We have truly internalised the idea that our Customer’s success is truly ours, and vice versa. No wonder, we are perhaps among the very few who are open to indexing a part of our compensation to the success metrics that measure the impact of the business transformation process.