Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management Solutions

Human Capital Management Solutions are built around the biggest asset in an organisation, its people. Everyone has equal stakes in the success of the company…The people who manage and lead, the People who create and work in teams, the people who design and develop, the people who produce and operate, the people who serve and sell, and the people who buy and store. It is a well-known maxim that, ‘All business is about people’. With this thought at the centre of our Human Capital Management solutions, we aim to deliver value across the strategic human resources management domain. Our expertise lies in ‘making things happen’ by creating Human Capital strategies that are people centric and drive business results.

The success of an enterprise is completely dependent on the motivation that its people bring each day at work. The best of systems, processes, practices, equipment and infrastructure will not help realise an ambition unless manned by people who believe in the future of the organization and are committed to do their best in order to realise success. Only when people combine their success with that of the organisation do we look at a win-win situation. As experts in the space, it is our effort to build a platform for organisational success through its biggest assets, people.

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Daksada’s Approach to Human Capital Management

We know that merely adopting the best in class solutions may not be suitable for your organization – it is unique, and this must be reflected in the solution. This is why we go above and beyond and define and develop customized and specific solutions to suit your unique Organization. That is not all, we are in for the long term, staying with you till we have achieved your goals, and have handed over a sustainable solution that is institutionalized and embedded within the business.

This gives us a unique edge amongst peers and makes us the trusted and preferred Human Capital partner for Business and Human Resource Leaders. What’s more, our engagement approach includes becoming a trusted partner to your people at all levels, allowing us to weave your unique DNA and culture into solutions and implementation plans. Our tailored solutions are co-created to ensure we have maximum buy in to drive implementation thus bringing about real and lasting change that in turn delivers business results.

Our Impact In Delivering Strategic Human Capital Management Solutions

Our touchpoints start with processes for hiring the right people – those with the right ‘skill & will’, and most importantly, only those who fit the culture of the organisation. We deliver value through the process of hiring and on-boarding, and then through the entire employee life cycle to ensure that they are trained, coached, and mentored to be more effective and efficient team players or leaders. We support performance management, leadership development, career management, and rewards & recognition, all areas requiring expertise to design and deliver impactful processes that in turn drive business results. Our expertise includes the realms of employee engagement, rewards & recognition, team building, as well as compliance, discipline and complaints redressal, and retention. We are trusted partners in the areas of HR strategy, policy & procedures, organization architecture, all backed by our bespoke approach to Human Capital metrics that allows leaders to measure and monitor the performance of the HR function and drive return on investment. We round off our offering with our in-house creative and technology skills to design and deliver effective communication for all stakeholders – internal and external – to ensure that employer branding objectives are achieved.

Our Partnership Perspective To The Human Capital Management Solutions

As a team we believe in putting our money behind our expertise and effort. Therefore, we offer to index a part of the project compensation on the success of the outcome. This comes from a true sense of a shared ownership of the Human Capital Strategy and its impact on the future of the organisation. In the same spirit we also understand that a solid and strategic solution will require action by multiple specialists strengthen the overall offering. Which is why at Daksada we have representation from talent acquisition & retention, learning & development, and internal communications experts who help round-off and strengthen the overall offering and work towards educating, training, and informing the body of people who form the organisation.