Sales Excellence

Driving Sales Excellence

Sales Excellence is achieved by working on people, tools, and processes. Sales teams, both in-house and outsourced, must be armed with the right information so that they may communicate the features and benefits of products or services and thereby convert prospects into customers. Further they need to be trained to manage the sales process and customer engagements as they are the first contact points and will need to deliver a positive experience. Post this stage, sales required on-boarding of customers and the first sale that sets off a continued relationship in terms of up-selling, cross-selling, referral selling, service packages etc. Each of these points triggers a new process and depends on the use of multiple tools that facilitate the engagement and can be measured for efficacy and cost.

In today’s hyper-connected world companies are looking to build seamless engagements across real, virtual, and digital customer interfaces so that the experience is consistent and continuous and may be transferred depending on what is convenient. This puts an added pressure on companies, teams, systems, and processes as the demand for scalability and agility is often at cross purposes with the deep need and dependence on human intervention. We all would prefer to deal with a person at the end of the phone, or even better, someone seated across the table. The reality is that a good part of the interaction comes from an interface, thus putting greater stress on the person who is tasked with managing and growing the relationship on behalf of the organisation.

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Daksada’s Approach to Sales Excellence

At Daksada we have the combined experience to impact all three components that comprise Sales Excellence. Our practice leads have over 45 man-years of cumulative experience in developing curated sales processes, learning tools and incentive programmes for diverse industry types and small to enterprise-size organisations.

Our protocol in developing a programme to deliver a sales excellence mindset to teams is to focus on building a sustainable process that answers to the problem or opportunity being faced at the current juncture. We start by understanding the sales methodology and the people who deliver and manage the same to gain insights from the process and the people. Having done this we look at forming hypotheses and testing the same with the senior managers and vetting the same through data and anecdotal evidence to define a firm way forward. The training programme, curriculum, delivery mechanisms, and cadence is arrived at in partnership with the respective teams to ensure minimal interruption to their work cycles. These blended learning programmes are an admixture of classroom training, assignments, Case Study, reading material, analysis etc. that allows the teams to learn at their own pace, while being measured so that no participant gets left behind.

Our Impact In Delivering A Sales Excellence Mindset

Our cumulative experience gained across multiple Sales excellence programmes conceived and administered across organisations of different employee strengths and industry verticals has ensured a high confidence in the applicability of curated programmes as against a one size fits all approach taken by many other experts and practitioners. We have seen a definitive uptick in the hard and soft performance parameters stretching across revenue, customer happiness scores, and the ability of team members to engage with customers through empathy and a listening attitude thereby delivering a win-win experience for both.

We have always advocated the implementation of such curated blended learning programmes as a continuous engagement so that there is a learning culture embedded in the sales team and successive generations of team members feel the impact over the period of their career. We have seen that Sales Excellence training often is seen as a strong point to bring in the best in high potential talent into the organisation and then convert them into trainers for new cohorts.

Our Partnership Perspective To Developing a Sales
Excellence Mindset

Our confidence is such that we are ready to peg a part of our project remuneration on the success of the outcome. In many ways, this reflects the true spirit of a shared ownership of the strategy, the process, and the result.  In this part of the world, we are perhaps among the very few who are open to indexing a part of our compensation to the success metrics that measure the impact of the sales excellence intervention.