Driving Employee Engagement

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Driving Employee Engagement

With more and more businesses realising that engaged employees deliver significantly better results than disengaged ones, companies are investing time and resources into managing this critical element. Conducting an engagement survey and measuring the level of engagement is only the first step. Then comes the challenge to act and implement a series of programs designed to address the root cause of the issues, thus fostering improved engagement.

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Our Client was part of the Oil & Gas OEM and Services business division of an MNC with strong presence across the Middle East. The Company had completed a comprehensive employee engagement survey and was keen on initiating actions to improve areas with relatively lower satisfaction scores. Our mandate as their Human Resources Consultant was to derive actionable insights from the results of the survey and assist the HR team in improving the underlying processes.

We worked closely with the HR and business teams and reviewed the survey results to identify areas where satisfaction scores were relatively lower than others. These were targeted for actions required to improve satisfaction levels in the near term. We conducted a series of focus groups involving employees across the organization, ensuring that the diversity across the team was well represented. These discussions provided additional feedback on the root cause of the level of dissatisfaction and was used as the basis for formulating action plans to address the root causes. A detailed list of action items was prepared, and specific individuals assigned to each action item with a clear deadline and expectations on results. Resources required were also identified and approvals were obtained where required. A tracker was created that was updated on a regular basis to monitor progress towards goals that was shared with the management team.

As a result of the focus groups that allowed solutions to address the root causes, the actions taken were focussed on real issues and yielded tangible improvement in a number of key areas for focus including internal recruitment, employee suggestion schemes, employee mobilization, induction processes, employee recognition amongst others. This in turn led to a significant improvement in reported employee satisfaction levels.

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