Configuring Excellence in Sales

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Configuring Excellence in Sales

For a sales led organisation, keen to diversify into new customer segments, it is imperative to understand the go to market strategy, define a sales process, identify the key competencies required to deliver results, train the team and monitor progress.

Problem Definition Solution Description Results

The Sales function is the primary driver of business growth and all other functions align behind their deliverables. Our Client, a leading manufacturer in the UAE, was facing a challenge in developing the Sales team - Revenue growth was flat despite infusing the team with experienced professionals from competitive organisations. Given that competition was severe, the business was keen on gaining an entry and ramping up market share in new sectors to deliver inorganic growth.

We worked with the client to identify the best go-to-market strategy for the new sectors and the competencies required by the sales team to achieve sales excellence. We crafted and implemented a bespoke blended-learning solution that involved coaching teams, and face-to-face & online instructor-led training sessions. The process of lead generation and management was reviewed, and a recommended process put in place including tracking the progress of various opportunities through the sales lifestyle cycle. In effect we established the sales processes, trained the team on, and provided much needed learning inputs to develop the required competencies. Our work with the HR department included identifying the critical competencies to be assessed during the recruitment & selection process.

The Sales team recorded continuous improvement in lead generation & conversion, leading to a steady growth in generation of new revenue. The Sales team showed measurable progress in their confidence levels and were willing to look at higher targets and open sunrise sectors that had not been considered earlier. Concomitantly, the business also found it easier to track and manage the progress through the entire sales lifecycle.

  • Regional Businesses; Family Owned Groups; Emerging Corporates;
  • Sales Excellence, Learning Solutions, Human Capital Solutions, Growth & Transformation
  • Hari Sutha Raj & Leon Mendonsa
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