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Digital Banking Academy

While training is an imperative particularly for service businesses, not all can afford the time and cost associated with the traditional instructor led classroom style training. See how we worked with this client to create a cost effective alternative that was also more effective in providing learning solutions to the team.
Problem Definition Solution Description Results

The Learning and Development Department of a leading bank in the middle-east met the training needs of its staff through instructor led training at its training centre. Because of the limited capacity of the physical training centre, the “bottle-neck” of class-room delivery created problems for the organization in terms of staff coverage – the capacity allowed for only 30% of the staff to be covered. In addition, training costs per participant were 50% high compared to similar international banks. Perhaps most concerning was that learning was limited to programs available at the training centre

Daksada worked with the L&D Department and the Management team at the bank to understand the challenge. Daksada’s recommendation was that to address the challenges of staff-coverage, cost per participant, and availability of a greater variety of learning interventions, it was imperative to launch a Digital Training Solution. 

To ensure the success of this solution, Daksada made sure that it was endorsed top down, designed so it was relevant to the role, and included content and delivery options appropriate for all learning styles, easy to access, fun, and easy to put into practice. Since measuring and monitoring are a critical part of establishing success and ROI, Daksada built this into the solution.


A critical success factor for these investments is to ensure communication and management support, and link it to the overall talent management strategy of the organisation. To achieve this, the digital training solution was launched by the CEO under the banner of making learning possible any-time, any-where, any-place. The existing instructor-led training material were digitized with eLearning, and simulations aimed at replicating instructor - led training. 


The design of the digital training solution was role relevant, with a structured learning path, pre & post assessments to measure capability improvement, a dashboard to deliver meaningful learning reports, gamification to motivate participation, social learning to encourage collaboration and best practice sharing. To ensure sustenance of learning, the system allowed for microlearning enabled measurement and tracking of progress of individual learning.


The role-specific digital training modules with certification enabling staff to acquire the required competencies at their convenience. Career Aspirants looking for opportunity to move across the organization were able to access learning and perform well in their new role on acquiring the required skills and knowledge. The platform also provided an opportunity for staff to upgrade themselves with new skills and competencies to enhance role efficacy, thus contributing significantly to the organisations value of developing talent internally. 

The digital banking academy enabled an increase in staff coverage by 50%, reduced cost/employee by 30%, and created a learning culture in the organization, feeding the talent pipeline by supporting the acquisition of skills to allow people to progress their careers. 

Project Details

  • MNC, Banking & Finance
  • Learning Solutions; Talent Management
  • Anand VS
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