Role Specific Training Programs

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Role Specific Training Programs

Mergers bring together the best of two strong industry players. However, teams from each entity now working under the same combined brand continue to follow their legacy processes, which creates a challenge for providing consistent client experience. Read on to discover how we worked with this client to address this challenge, and deliver results.

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With the aim to champion the capability of delivering enhanced value across Corporate, Retail, Private and Investment banking segments, there was a merger between banks in the region resulting in an organization that became a regional consolidation blueprint for banking and finance sector.
While assessing the capabilities of the front-liners' it was evident that the merger had led to a skill gap in customer service standards and lack of conformity in operational approach while executing customer transactions. Employees from two different entities had their own understanding of operations and customer service, resulting in negative trends on key performance indicators. Moreover, customer queue wait time was high emphasizing low employee efficiency leading to increased number of customer complaints. Further, internal audit scores and compliance reports reflected negative trends, resulting in a major downturn in revenue and customer satisfaction. 

The team from Daksada worked with the client to propose a training solution to address the issue. Role specific training programs were designed, specific to each branch role, due to the complexity and innate nature of the core responsibilities of each role.
The programme was designed to specifically address concerns raised in customer satisfaction surveys and mystery shopping data that reflected the customer service gaps. The solution also drew on detailed analysis of audit findings, compliance reports and operations statistics such as queue time, process delays, central bank penalties on non-compliance etc. Combining these elements together, the design approach aligned the program outcomes with the organization's vision-mission-strategy. Working with the client human Resources team, we completed business process improvement reviews, and recommended revised and LEAN processes.
Primarily, the training program served the purpose of imparting to participants the necessary knowledge and skill set to execute customer transactions efficiently and achieve service excellence. Furthermore, participants gained insights to latest fraud trends through live Case Study enabling them to mitigate the risk of potential frauds.  The program also focused on coaching skills for participants who were managing teams, to ensure they are armed with the necessary skills to facilitate workplace learning and coach their teams.

Over a period of time, this program has been making a significant impact for the organisation, with the business process improvement results achieving significantly better service excellence. In addition, the business benefited from improved audit ratings and fraud preventions. By providing excellent customer service in line with the overall vision-mission-strategy of the organization, the business witnessed significant customer retention and growth.

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