Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions are delivered through the cusp of data, creative, media and technology, when applied through the frame of the brand or company strategy. Marketing is the broad term assigned to any activity that aids the process of building long-term connections with consumers and customers by keeping the product, service, brand or company relevant in their lives, while continuing to induct new users into the franchise. The discipline today encompasses a wide expanse, from the traditional tools like advertising, to new age, technology-driven opportunities in social / digital marketing, CRM or even direct engagements through machine learning and AI enabled processes. Marketing is the lubricant that helps brands and businesses meet their targets – both in terms of sales and other consumer focused metrics.

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Daksada’s Approach to Delivering Marketing Services

At Daksada we bring a wealth of experience in thought leadership and implementation that has been gleaned in working with some of the largest brands worldwide. We bring the belief that any opportunity or problem can be resolved if the approach is well thought out and meticulously executed, with an eye on analytics-based optimisation. We bring a unique blend of creative sensibility and media efficiency and the ability to reach out to the best in the business for guidance and assistance should the need arise.

We recognise that Marketing encompasses a huge width of services, each of which have a utility specific to the business opportunity or problem and the budget and ambitions that need to be met. Unlike many marketing agencies in the UAE, we offer the potential of a single window management of all marketing services so that there is cohesion in the efforts of myriad stakeholders that allow a brand to flourish in the market. We offer a deep understanding of the consumer in the region, their motivations and triggers specific to product categories, and use the knowledge to help craft brands, content, and campaigns. At Daksada we have the partner capability in building brand strategy and brand identity (logo, packaging, and brand manuals), communication collateral (video, audio, and still image), brand assets (websites, applications, and social media footprint), content strategy and dissemination across multiple platforms, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), campaign management, and analytics & reporting. The fact that we work with a diverse and experienced panel of experts who bring together a unique perspective and cost effective execution under our guidance and project management to ensure high quality and timely deliveries, is what separates us from other marketing solutions agencies in the region as they are limited by their own internal capabilities.

Our Impact In Delivering Strategic Marketing Services

A well planned and well executed marketing Strategy is invaluable in growing business and the equity of the brand. Irrespective of the growth stage of the brand or business, the need to connect with consumers and customers and positively influence their behaviour towards the category or brand is important. Our method of starting ab initio and building a cohesive solution that fits in with the overall strategy of the organisation implies that the available strengths are deployed efficaciously given budget and other constraints. We advocate the use of all elements in the marketing mix, with most focus on media platforms, vehicles, and channels that are owned by the company or brand. As a second choice we look at paid media to reach out to new prospects or engage with existing customers to buy or use more. We also give due emphasis to the internal stakeholders at the company or brand – them as consumers or customers and their social footprint as a vehicle to further the messaging of the brand. In many ways, team members are the best and most passionate sales persons as they have a stake in the success.

Our Partnership Perspective To Delivering Strategic Marketing Services

Unlike most marketing agencies in the UAE who approach a client project as a transaction, we at Daksada are believers in the power of relationships. We do not propose plans in order to protect our revenue but look at delivering the best possible value to our customers. In fact, we are happy to take a part of the project compensation on the success of the outcome. We believe that the Client or Customers success is truly ours given the spirit of partnership that is central to the way we work. 

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