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Emerging Corporates are defined by the size of their operations and/or revenue, the size of the markets they cater to, or even the size of their workforce. They have great ambitions and aspirations to grow, like the MNCs and regional businesses, taking inspiration from the fact that all these businesses also started as an Emerging Corporate. Emerging Corporates traditionally operated as feeders to manufacturing or other industries but have grown into independent product or service delivery corporations that are looking to grow into the next level of size, revenue, and customer base by leveraging their products, processes, customer network, and most importantly, the proprietary idea that solves a specific customer problem or need.

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While Emerging Corporates are typically owner/promoter driven, the current generation brings in a breadth of experience and a burning desire to expand into new markets and categories by maximizing effort, creativity, and the power of their unique ideas. At Daksada, we believe in the deep knowledge of the Emerging Corporate owner and look to complement their vision and energy with the right people, policies, processes, and practices to set them on the path for growth. We bring decades of hands-on experience coupled with an open, solution-oriented mindset and partner Emerging Corporate owners in bringing change from within. We bring in best practices and thinking from large and vibrant organizations backed with meticulous execution to move things from paper to reality. We look forward to helping the Emerging Corporates of today to grow into recognized names that others wish to emulate.


Create a path to success based on strengths and combined abilities, and available budgets.


Set up policies and practices that allow a learning and growing environment, enabling people and teams to raise the bar.


Optimize teams based on the cumulative set of abilities required to deliver on strategic objectives.

Grow your business faster than the market