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Many of the Regional Businesses started as SMEs or Family Owned Enterprises a few decades ago and have expended operations and the customer franchise through the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to assume competitive leadership positions in their areas of expertise. These entities have accrued the respect and trust of their customer base and have impacted society in a positive manner. The actualization of scale made possible by operating across a large and populous region has made them fiercely competitive to global MNCs. They have also diversified into complementary sectors and have ventured into new-age opportunities, and adhere to the norms and laws of multiple jurisdictions, therefore the need for strengthening their human capital, systems and processes to remain attuned to growth and the needs of their customers

Daksada is ideally placed to work with Regional Businesses who focus on the Middle East and North Africa region. We have extensive hands-on experience in leading companies to success through a deep knowledge of the cultural nuances and business processes specific to the region. We understand that businesses in this region operate on a high degree of mutual trust, and that one’s word is far greater than any contract. We operate with the knowledge that profit is not the primary motive but is a derivation of a clear vision and operational excellence.


Create a path to success basis strengths and combined abilities and available budgets


Set up policies and practices that allow a learning and growing environment that allow people and teams to raise the bar


Optimize teams basis the cumulative set of abilities required to deliver on strategic objectives

Lead market growth and create best practices