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Banking & Financial Services like in every other market are the lubricants for growth based on an open market philosophy. Catering to a diverse set of retail and business customers, they have products specially tailored to the sectoral and local cultural guidelines and carry a service orientation that creates lifelong partnerships. The Banks and Financial Institutions in the region have grown along with their customers and continue to do so, the best possible representation of sustained partnerships. This cohort is also impacted by the changing norms of doing business and the need to work with those engaged in the ideas and gig economy, while balancing the offering and service expectations of their traditional franchise. They also provide advisory and risk management services to mitigate the downsides caused by volatility in currency, commodity prices, and social, economic & political upheavals. There is a great demand in finding the right people and empowering them with supportive, agile policies, systems & processes that equally facilitate individual, team, customer and organisational growth while also fulfilling their service to society. The digitalization of the service and the need for a seamless experience across the myriad channels of doing business is what keeps the management awake, apart from the need to be agile in leading the needs of the vastly integrated and changing global and regional economy.

Daksada offers Banking & Financial Services agility in thinking and delivery. We are best placed to partner cross-functional teams and senior leadership in formulating strategy, developing execution plans, training teams, internal/external communications and bringing on-board people with the right skillset and attitude. The industry experience of the Daksada team positions us as the ideal partners for Banking & Financial Services who strive to stay ahead of consumer and customer needs alike.


Create a path to success based on strengths and combined abilities, and available budgets.


Set up policies and practices that allow a learning and growing environment, enabling people and teams to raise the bar.


Optimize teams based on the cumulative set of abilities required to deliver on strategic objectives.

Fueling customer-centric growth