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Driving Employee Engagement

Case Study Driving Employee Engagement With more and more businesses realising that engaged employees deliver significantly better results than disengaged ones, companies are investing time and resources into managing this critical element. Conducting an engagement survey and measuring the level of engagement is only the first step. Then comes the challenge to act and implement […]
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Restructuring for Growth

Case Study Restructuring for Growth As markets experience cycles, ups and downs, businesses have to be agile and responsive to these challenges. Ever so often a business must reinvent itself in order to continue to be relevant and put itself in a position to continue to grow and develop. Here’s how we worked with this […]
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Setting Up Continuous Learning

Case Study Setting Up Continuous Learning Personal development comes in high on the list of desirables for more and more employees today. Organisations that invest in talent development interventions on an ongoing basis will certainly give themselves the edge in the war for talent. Moreover, the benefits of a motivated and competent workforce will give […]
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Codifying Solidity In The HR Policy Manual

Case Study Codifying Solidity In The HR Policy Manual Consistent and uniform policies can be a challenge for a growing and expanding business. When entering new countries, establishing new lines of business, and growing through acquisition, each can pose significant challenge. When all occur within a business simultaneously, the challenge is compounded. Learn how we […]
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Building Capability For Mass Customisation

Case Study Building Capability For Mass Customisation Most businesses put customers first, most certainly in the retail space. Practically, setting up a process that allows the business to offer bespoke and customised products to each customer is a challenge. Read on to discover how we worked with this jewellery brand to overcome these challenges and […]
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