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Family-Owned Groups have fueled the growth story in the Middle East, especially in the United Arab Emirates. These Groups have worked in partnership with the respective governments to complement the development and spending on infrastructure. Most Family-Owned Groups have diversified over the years and are the gateway to new businesses and brands that wish to enter these lucrative markets. Given the size and the industry/category spread of the Groups, the focus is on driving efficiency and taking advantage of the economies of scale to ensure that revenue and profits continue to grow without a disproportionate investment in costs or asset building. The other challenge is the adoption of the digital economy that is driving consumer and customer interaction and needs to cater to the cultural and linguistic nuances of the region, and cannot always be a direct implementation of models that have been successful globally. These groups also face the need to upskill their talent pool and drive their ability to compete with MNCs and other regional powerhouses. The larger of the family groups are keen on regional and global expansion and need to adapt structure, talent, processes, and people to keep pace with this ambition.

Daksada looks to add to the vision and wisdom of the promoters and complement the unique experience of the operational managers in directing their combined efforts toward a specific ambition. We are happy to help strengthen the skill gaps in the organization and/or offer a holistic partnership as independent consultants or even as an outsourced partner to assist the promoter family in reinventing the way they are doing business or entering new markets and categories. Further, we bring the expertise to bring talent into the group to grow in new directions or bring freshness to the strategic thinking and operational excellence.


Create a path to success based on strengths and combined abilities, and available budgets.


Set up policies and practices that allow a learning and growing environment, enabling people and teams to raise the bar.


Optimize teams based on the cumulative set of abilities required to deliver on strategic objectives.

Leveraging strengths to deliver new growth