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Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) control much of the goods and services consumed world over and have been the leading lights in innovation and customer engagement. Their network and business offering facilitates the spread of product and service companies to markets distributed across the seven continents. However, the changing global economy, especially times of stress like the pandemic in 2020, have caused MNCs to re-valuate their operations and bring in better training to supplement digital delivery systems and usher in a customer responsive infrastructure. MNCs with operations in the Middle East region are in the process of building efficiencies in their business processes by bringing in local talent and upskilling teams across all levels while introducing cutting-edge technology to their service backbone. 


With the rapidly changing economic and business environment, Multi-National Corporations need the partnership of market and consumer aware partners like Daksada as sounding boards to arrive at future-proof business processes and practices. We deliver a holistic and rounded offering that looks at problems from multiple facets and delivers a simple, cohesive strategy that can be implemented seamlessly, with learning drawn for continuous improvement.


Create a path to success basis strengths and combined abilities and available budgets


Set up policies and practices that allow a learning and growing environment that allow people and teams to raise the bar


Optimize teams basis the cumulative set of abilities required to deliver on strategic objectives

Managing change in an evolving consumer landscape