Learning Solutions

Building Sustainable Learning Solutions

Learning Solutions are front and centre to the development efforts at any enterprise. This is the continuous process that ensures that an organisation’s biggest assets, its people, are always ready to grow into positions of greater responsibility and perform their roles with aplomb. Those at operational levels are empowered with technical skills that allow them to do their jobs better and set the stage for growth into supervisory positions. At these stages, it is also imperative to assess and mentor those ready for higher roles and augment their soft skills like people management, change management, team building, coaching, communication, and leadership. For managers and senior management, there are higher-order programmes that impact strategic thinking, business acumen, and propel them towards general management or C-suite positions.

It is critical that a learning mindset be made core to the DNA of the organisation so that it acts as grease to the wheels of progress and growth. Each team member must feel empowered by the curated curricula and programmes, aided by specific mentors and coaches, so that they feel ready to perform at a specific role well before they arrive at that designation. In fact, from the organisation’s perspective, growth should be planned such that it is the obvious outcome of planned learning and development interventions; a thinking that has contributed to the leadership and respect commanded by many globally present organisations.

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Daksada’s Approach to Learning Solutions

The Daksada team has 0ver 40 man-years of experience in planning, curating, and delivering training programmes across employee and management levels. We have access to a rich host of experienced trainers with specific skill sets who have attained mastery over niche programmes as also generalists and skill-based specialists. We also help in re-skilling those who are looking at changing roles or are contemplating a career change.

Daksada also represents many world-renowned international trainers who are sought after by middle and senior management personnel who wish to gain an edge over their peers and further their careers. The increase in emphasis toward digital learning ensures that learning is quick, uninterrupted, and personalized. Daksada can develop and deploy a specifically crafted comprehensive learning management platform, digital learning library & micro-learning platform to roll-out programmes and track performance through intuitive analytics.

Like with all other facets of the versatile bouquet of solutions that Daksada is known for, the creation of a strategic Learning Solution starts with an understanding of the business, structure, systems, and policies. Post this ground work, we look at selecting between multiple hypothesis through deep engagements and interactions with senior management, business & functional leads, and high-low performers to be able to set benchmarks and expectations. Basis the identified problem or opportunity, a blended learning programme is put into place based on competency benchmarks for the function x level matrix. The rigorous implementation and measurement of participation and positive change is indexed to individual and team performance and analytics used to drive continuous process improvement.

Our Impact In Delivering Strategic Learning Solutions

We have always acted on a ‘Build – Operate – Transfer’ model that requires participation by an internal team at all stages of the problem / opportunity identification, solution design, implementation, and measurement / analytics steps of the process. This allows us to work closely with an identified team that will carry the torch forward by donning the mantle of trainers and mentors for successive generations. This, in our experience, is the best way to ensure a strong foundation of learning, one that reaches all aspects of an organisation and percolates to every team member, even those who are not in revenue generation roles. We closely engage through the lifecycle of the programme to manage the minutiae and steer the operative teams firmly in the direction of the overall vision and the attainment of measurable business linked goals.

Our Partnership Perspective To Delivering Learning Solutions

Learning is a continuous process, and such programmes are typically implemented over a 6-18-month period after which measurable results are available. Given the gestation period and the specificity of results expected, we normally index a part of the project compensation on achievement of the expected outcome. In the spirit of partnership that is central to the way we work; we believe that the Client or Customers success is truly ours. It is this that separates us from the other practitioners in this region.