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Talent Management Services

Talent Management is the art and science of identifying the right people who will propel the organisation to the next stage of growth and beyond. Successful organizations rely on having the right people in the right place at the right time. The process goes beyond identifying and parsing resumes that match a job description and facilitating the selection process. In many cases, especially with the growth of start-ups and new business delivery methods, there is a need to identify the necessary competencies and hard skills that can be brought in for a specific role. Also, the need to develop frameworks that can be used to build models for compensation, and growth management of team members. The complexity increases exponentially as organizations grow and expand regionally and globally, where the talent management challenge has to ensure skills and capability is available to support this growth and expansion. We can deliver Executive Search, Contingency Search, Compensation benchmarking, Outplacement services, Competency based Assessment frameworks, Processes for onboarding & induction amongst other things. Our talent management capability integrates well with our development solutions to provide seamless employee lifecycle support to clients.

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Daksada’s Approach to Talent Management

The Daksada team has a cumulative experience of over 100 man-years in the UAE and the Middle East region within the talent management space. We bring a unique understanding of the cultural nuances and the specific intangible needs of companies and their management. Most of our customers work exclusively with us and have been engaged for five years or more – a remarkable achievement given the intense competition in Executive Search and Contingency Based Search. This is also the single biggest factor that sets us apart from most other mid-sized recruitment agencies in the UAE. We have a direct access to the C-suite of the largest and fastest growing companies in the UAE and a deep knowledge-based relationship that transcends time.

Our Talent Management services exceed what a typical recruitment agency in the UAE can deliver. We have in-house expertise and experience in delivering strategic plans and executional interventions across organisational development, succession management, manpower planning, candidate assessment protocols and centres, leadership development programmes, onboarding programme design and implementation, apart from the specializations in executive search & talent acquisition. Our impact on the process of bringing talent into the fold starts much before the hiring process and continues for some time after.  

Our Impact In Delivering Strategic Talent
Management Services

The last few years have seen many mid and large sized organisations build internal teams for recruitment under the overall offering of their respective Human Resources functions. Most have realised that their intake is not constant and that there are periods in the year where recruitment teams are underutilised and have therefore started working with us through an outsourcing contract to manage recruitment through a dedicated team. Further, our clients have also seen value in the fact that we have provided candidates who not just confirm to the skills and experience required of a job role, but also will be a better fit to the culture and team spirit thereby being able to hit the ground running faster. 

Going ahead, team members will take advantage of upgrading skill, learning, and personality development opportunities and work with mentors to grow into roles of increasing responsibility, in turn helping others to do the same. We work closely with the leadership structure to ensure a close bond between them and to facilitate understanding of each other’s roles and thereby work better as a team. We also have expertise in setting up best in class policies and processes that serve a guiding light to the organisational functioning and facilitate employee growth. 

Our Partnership Perspective To The Business
Transformation Process

The impact of interventions around people are felt immediately in some cases, and in others over a 6-24 month period. In some cases the measurability of the impact is apparent only after a certain period has elapsed, especially in the case of learning and development initiatives. Keeping this truth in mind, we offer to take a part of the project remuneration on the achievement of pre-determined success metrics. We believe that the Client or Customers success is truly ours given the spirit of partnership that is central to the way we work. We are perhaps among the very few who are open to indexing a part of our compensation to the success metrics that measure the impact of the business transformation process.